V-Chi Super Aura & Chakra Repair Aura Frequency Spray Harmonizes Mind, Body & Soul. Boosts Immune System & Balances Energy Flow. Vegan Spiritual Wellbeing
October 22, 2015
V-Chi Crystal Clear Aura and Room Conditioner – Cleanse Geopathic Stress, Eliminate Negative Forces from Your Surroundings
October 22, 2015

V-Chi Advanced Soul Frequency Aura Sprays to Assist Soulful Healing. Soothes Energy Flows, Enhances Consciousness – Vegan Aid Boosts Psychic Ability


  • Advanced Soul Aura Sprays/Room Conditioners help you let go of the things and connect with cosmic unity
  • Enlightens your mind, heart and spirit
  • Wellbeing Aura Sprays/Room Conditioners contain multiple bioresonance frequencies retained in Ho Leaf & Frankincense Essential Oils
  • Not tested on animals. Hypoallergenic. Vegan friendly. Paraben free
  • Available in 100ml blue glass bottles. Can be sprayed around the aura or in any room for a healing effect
  • V-Chi Advanced Soul Aura Sprays/Room Conditioners should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

Travel Better in Your Spiritual Journey with V-Chi Advanced Soul Aura Room Conditioners

Prepare your soul to reach advanced levels in your spiritual journey with our Advanced Soul Aura Sprays/Room Conditioners. Unless one gets over materialistic feelings in life, it is not possible to achieve Nirvana. If you really wish to feel one with the universe then you need to give up all the worldly desires and emotions. V-Chi Advanced Soul Aura Sprays/Room Conditioners feature multiple bioresonance frequencies derived from a combination of gems, colours, elements, herbs, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, flower essences, or tissue salts, and then added to 100% natural Ho Leaf and Frankincense essential oils. As you spray them around your aura or use them as a room conditioner on regular basis, they create a soothing and healing effect, which purifies and disperses lifetimes of auric debris. As a result you are able to release attachment and open your heart to feel compassion.

Bioresonance therapy is not as new as you might think – it emerged in Germany in 1977. It is now used across the world – recognized in nearly 55 nations worldwide. Bioresonance therapy devices can be complex for first-time users. Our aura sprays/room conditioners provide the easy way to get the benefits of cellular harmonizing therapy, packed in an easy-to-carry bottle. Bioresonance frequencies are often combined with meditation, stretching or exercise regimens as a complete way to ensure the body and mind function in harmony. This therapy is known to have a calming effect, helping people in their spiritual goals.

Our travel sized aura spray bottles are rather sturdy. Don’t worry about leaks. Please note that Advanced Soul Aura Spray/Room Conditioner formula is also available in the form of aromafrequencies – ensuring you always have a bioresonance remedy in a more usable form, best matched with your lifestyle preferences.



Ho Leaf Essential Oil – Helps to calm the mind, balance the emotions, and to get relief from stress and fatigue




Frankincense Essential Oil – Helps relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, and boosts immunity



Usage instructions:

  • Can be sprayed around the aura or in any room for creating a healing fragrance

Note: This alternate method of healing is not meant for replacing your on-going traditional medical treatment. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor in case of any doubts or emergency.

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