Super Calm Package
December 2, 2016
Super aura and chakra repair
Super Aura & Chakra Repair Package
December 2, 2016

Crystal Clear Package

£55.00 £45.00

We have decided to help you by creating this awesome package to help cleanse, purify and detox the atmosphere surrounding us all.

This ensemble helps to cleanse, purify and detox the atmosphere caused by toxic gases, geopathic stress, emotional debris, mental anguish, negative forces and negative past life imprints.

Contains: Multiple bioresonance frequencies & Teatree Lemon Essential Oil



Treat yourself to this incredible trio to help create a Crystal Clear mentality!

50 ml Crystal Clear Aura & Room Conditioner

Crystal Clear AromaFrequency

Also receive a Mini Aroma Diffuser to accentuate the effects of the AromaFrequency in your environment and an incredible Organza Gift bag!

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