V-Chi Super Detox AromaFrequency Detoxifies Cells, Relieving Physical and Psychological Stress. Natural Way to Eliminate Negativity, Infuse Positivity
December 21, 2016
V-Chi Weight Less AromaFrequency to Reduce Weight Naturally, Curbing Overeating. Detoxifies your Mind & Body, Helps You Fight Away Cravings | Vegan, Zero Chemicals, Non-Addictive
December 21, 2016

V-Chi Super Eze AromaFrequency Relieves Muscle Soreness, Stiffness and Joint Pain. Natural Aid to Improve Mobility. Pain Management for Seniors, Sportspersons


  • Super Eze AromaFrequencies loosen stiff muscles and tendons
  • Helps in dealing with emotional and physical pain without any side effects
  • Wellbeing AromaFrequencies contain multiple bioresonance frequencies retained in Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils
  • Hypoallergenic. Paraben free. Cruelty free therapy. Vegan friendly
  • Available in 10ml blue glass bottles with average 200 drops. Standard application of 6 drops amounts to around 32 different uses with one unit
  • V-Chi Super Eze AromaFrequencies have a shelf life of 2 years. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight



Do Not Let Any Pain Get you Down, Use V-Chi Super Eze AromaFrequencies

Deal better with any type of pain – physical or emotional, with V-Chi Super Eze Aromafrequencies. While emotional pain may arise because of a tragic situation or sudden shock, body pain may take the form of muscular pain and stiff joints, ligaments, tendons and bursa. Pain killers and sedatives seem to be an easy solution, but they gradually fill your body with toxins and also make you addicted to them. In long run, you are likely to find that OTC drugs have even stopped working on your pain. A natural and completely safe solution lies in our Super Eze wellbeing aromafrequencies. They contain a combination of multiple bioresonance frequencies captured from elements, herbs, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, or tissue salts and added to 100% pure Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils. Their vibrations enter the olfactory senses and electromagnetic field of your body and act on the root cause of pain, not just on its symptoms. As a result, you get quick and long lasting relief from tightness and soreness in muscles and other parts of the body.

Bioresonance frequency treatment helps to fight away the everyday stress induced by environmental toxins. Bioresonance therapy is purely scientific in essence and natural in terms of ingredients. It is deep rooted in biophysical and quantum mechanics. It has been also used in pre and postoperative clinical treatment, helping people recover quicker, with more vigour.

Our travel sized bottles are rather sturdy. Don’t worry about leaks. V-Chi Super Eze AromaFrequencies can be used in any of our aroma diffusers, adding a sensual fragrance to any room, or add a few drops in a bath or in a massage oil. To ensure this product is relevant for all age groups, lifestyle choices and personal preferences, we have created a smarter approach, ensuring this healing aid is also available as a spritzer, gel, or bath salt – choose an option you prefer!


Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Effective for congestion, sinus, skin, hair, arthritis, and muscle pain.





Lavender Essential Oil – Releases nervous tension, relieves pain, and enhances blood circulation.




Usage instructions:

  • AromaFrequencies can be used in our aroma diffuser
  • 6 drops may be added to a typical 100 litre bath
  • Use 6 drops with 20ml of carrier oil for a massage

Note: This alternate method of healing is not meant for replacing your on-going traditional medical treatment. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor in case of any doubts or emergency.

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