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October 11, 2017
Meditation Advised By Royal National Ear Nose & Throat Hospital
October 13, 2017

Is Something Missing From Your Practice?

We know that it is hard to run a therapy business. It can be long hours. And sometimes lonely, with insufficient rewards.

That’s the problem, it’s not really a business, as you probably started out on this journey to help and heal people.

But you also need to survive. To make enough so you don’t have to worry. So you can help more people.

Worry and stress free. That’s why we’ve come up with 27 Enlightening Ideas to help YOU. They’re free, with no strings attached. They are just ideas, but if you implement even one or two of them, then it will make a significant difference to your therapy practice. Who knows? You might even start calling it a business one day 🙂 Please sign up below to get your first idea in your inbox, pretty much straight away. We look forward to inspiring you!

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