I create a warm and tranquil atmosphere for my clients to let go of their toxic emotions or physical symptoms for example in order for them to start and continue their own healing process. I offer Mediumship reading to those who are grieving for their loved ones and to show that as humans we do live on after death. I also offer Reiki treatments that help heal your body on a physical, mental and emotional level. This is carried out with either the gentle touch of healing hands or can be achieved with a hands off approach if preferred. I also offer the amazing Vitali-chi treatment as a form of healing your whole body including your habits and your psychological thinking. This is achieved by helping you to deal with the underlying root cause of your dis-ease and treating it on a vibrational level with the healing power of copper and healing frequencies that contain natural ingredients. Readings and treatments can be given singly or as a combination depending on your individual needs and reasons for healing which can be discussed on our consultation in order to determine that I am the correct person for you to work with.

I’m loving the Vitali-chi Boost and the diffuser and aromafrequencies especially self love. Both my kids and myself have been using the immune defense spritzer and super-eze spritzers in the morning and evening and finding it amazing. My youngest had a bit of a sore chest and her breathing was not brilliant so I started her on the above products in order to reduce tightness in the chest and help her natural immune system to repair its self. No extra traditional medicine given, just her regular inhalers, and she is back to her regular self. My eldest takes the same spritzers for a bad throat and slight cold and for once she has stopped complaining about her sore throat which i know intuitively is caused by not speaking her truth which we are also working on with the Vitali-chi Boost which she loves. She goes straight to the kitchen for her morning spritzer and is in love with the products.

I am most impressed with Vitali-chi as it is helping me regain who I am and helping me be a clearer channel for spirit and my healing work.


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