Brightlingsea Meditation Classes – Testimonial
September 25, 2017
V-Chi Relax Feedback
October 9, 2017

More Great V-Chi Relax Feedback

Getting almost daily feedback on how great the meditation/relax sessions are. Keep up the good work leaders! I also particularly love this thought in response to our question “What could we do better?”

“Only thing I would say is let people know that vitali-chi is different from other forms of meditation”.

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Your Name?

Amanda Bennett
What prompted you to join a V-Chi More Than Meditation (VMTM) session?
My friend has trained as a practitioner and involving myself has opened up the ability to learn mindfulness.
How many times have you participated in a VMTM session?
In excess of thirty sessions
What do you enjoy most about the meditation sessions?
Laying and practicing being on the present, acknowledging thoughts and letting them pass by.
What sets VMTM apart from other meditation sessions?
Laying on the plates and feeling that energies are being pushed round.
Would you recommend V-Chi More than Meditation to others?
Absolutely and I have
How did you hear about V-Chi More than meditation?
Through a friend
If you stopped attending, what was the reason?
I haven’t
What could we do better?
Only thing I would say is let people know that vitalichi is different from other forms of meditation
Any other thoughts?
I enjoy it
Are you happy for us to publish your thoughts?
  • Yes – Name & Feedback

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