If you order through our online shop, the postage charges are automatically calculated. However, if you order by text, contact form, phone or email, then this is what you’ll pay for our first class service:

Patches and/or 1 frequency £1.50

Up to 10 frequencies £2.25

Aura Spray or Spritzer or any product in larger bottle = £3.90

2-10 frequencies + (say) 1 aura spray + 1 aromafrequency = £3.90

Up to 1kg of product = £6.50

Up to 2kg of product = £9.95

Up to 5kg of product = £16.85

Up to 10kg of product = £22.90

Up to 20kg of product = £33.40

As mentioned, everything is shipped first class. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks Allen



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