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November 2, 2017
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November 8, 2017

Read – One Of The 77 Secrets

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Welcome again to the 77 Secrets. Here’s today’s secret:


There is great pleasure and knowledge to be found in reading. There
is also relaxation and it is the best way I know to fall asleep at
the end of the day (apart from Sleep Secret, tip 9, part 1, that is
:). I started my ‘unassisted and not regulated’ reading career with
Enid Blyton (Famous Five, Secret Seven and all that). I can still
name the characters (the dog was called Timmy). I remember Enid’s
words really fuelling my imagination, so much so that I was on the
bike rides with them and solving all the mysteries, helping them to
keep middle England safe.

So, it has gone on throughout my life and when I don’t have a good
book ‘on the go’ then there is definitely something missing. Up to
my mid twenties I read mostly fiction and at one stage, I had read
every Wilbur Smith novel there was (The Sunbird is my personal
favourite, a brilliant story). As a result, I know a reasonable bit
about African history as that is always one of the spin-offs of
reading fiction, most stories have some basis of fact and reality
in there somewhere.

In my later years, I have started to read exclusively factual books
and I spent a couple of years studying The Second World War. One of
the last books I read was: “The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary
Zukav”. To be honest, it was a heavy but nevertheless interesting
read. Wu Li is Chinese for ‘organic energy’ (among other things)
and the book explores the sub atomic world and the possible links
to Eastern Mysticism, such as those contained within Buddhism. It
was written in the late seventies so is becoming a little dated,
but still recommended for anyone who fell asleep during their
physics lessons (like me).

I tell you all this, not to impress, but to impress on you the
diversity of knowledge (and absolute profound pleasure) you can get
from reading. From Enid to Africa to Hitler to particle physics and
all points in between. It’s a fascinating world out there and you
will only get a real depth of knowledge from reading. TV will not
do it for you. Nor will newspapers.

On a sadder note, I’m not sure libraries will last for too much
longer. Maybe most of them will be gone within the next 20 years.
So now is the time to join one, if you haven’t done so already. Or
buy a Kindle, or just buy or borrow a book. Ask me for one, I’ll
send you one. Whatever you do, start reading! (That’s the secret).

I’ll have more for you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this secret,
please let me know. Just hit ‘Reply’ and it should find me.

All the very best,


Allen Jesson
Energy For Life

If you would like the complete series (they’re free), please click on the image below.



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