We are proud of our record running the Vitali-Chi 2 Day Life Changing Practitioner Workshops (now accredited by the FHT, the Federation of Holistic Therapists). Here’s just a small sample of some of the feedback received (copies of the originals available upon request):feedback

“Thank you both for a lovely weekend, I learned a lot and I’m slowly reading through my manual. There is a lot of very interesting and educational stuff to get through. I am concentrating on working on myself at the moment, when I have time I will have a good look through the frequencies and let you know which ones I would like.

PS I just gave my husband a treatment, I used the ‘Stressed’ frequency from my set. He is still asleep.”
‘Belinda’, Colchester Workshop
 “I liked that it wasn’t too formal as it made me feel at ease. The videos were very informative and it’s excellent that we are able to watch them again. The course was very well planned. It has made me so confident to open a practice.”
‘Jane’, Colchester Workshop
“I like the depth and quality of the teaching material.
I also liked the fact that there is a lot of ongoing support”.
‘Anna’, Colchester Workshop
“Allen + Jill, you are both so patient with lots of questions. Both your answers are very informative and made me feel a lot more confident. The detailed manual for the course is fantastic.”
‘Amanda’, Colchester Workshop
“It was a great weekend, delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Thank you both so much.”

‘Sarah’, Colchester Workshop

“It all flows so well. It will grow and grow, you will have to employ other trainers!”

‘Susan’, Colchester Workshop

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to you both.  
I can’t tell you what this weekend meant to me. “

‘Deborah’, Brentwood Workshop

colchester-workshop-july-2014As well as the workshop testimonials, we have also been lucky enough to gather many testimonials about the Vitali-Chi equipment from both clients and practitioners alike. Satisfied clients have been obviously delighted in telling us about their splendid recoveries and indeed, the practitioners have also informed us about their improved results with THEIR clients as well. Also, importantly, most have reported an upsurge in business as word travels about their new healing capability. The other major benefit they all seem to like is that when their clients are relaxing ‘in circuit’ they do not have to be in attendance, freeing up some precious time in their increasingly busy days.

By the way, most of our general testimonials can be found here (link opens in a new window).

More information about our workshops can be found here.


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