About Our Life Changing Workshops
“I absolutely love Vitali-Chi – it is one of my top therapies that I use – I would say nearly 50% of my clinic is now linked with Vital-Chi in some way and that is quite something – my clients love it and come back for more – they love the products and they love how the treatment makes them feel. This is a really special treatment that is life changing. And from a practitioner point of view – my client base has increased. That was a point you sold it on – and I have to say my thoughts were “yeah yeah … of course you will say that, you are selling it and you want me to buy it”, I invested in the course because it appeared to be value cpd points and I wanted my back to get better …. It has delivered all of that and more. Dawn Waterhouse FCCA LCH RMANM RSHom Reiki Master and yes, Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Practitioner

Is there something missing from your practice? Would you like more clients? To be busier? Or to achieve better results? Heal more people? Make them happy? Using non invasive equipment that is guaranteed to get results, with scientifically proven benefits. Or personally, do you just want to be less exhausted and yet more satisfied at the end of each and every day?

If you answered ‘yes’ or even ‘maybe’ then please read on. The next 10 minutes could literally change your life.

Our 2 day workshop is accredited by FHT (The Federation of Holistic Therapists)

  1. This is an amazing therapy of the future – your clients rest, regenerate and re-energise whilst being treated and their cellular memory is reprogrammed.
  2. There is an amazing product range to support you the therapist and also the client – all at really reasonable and affordable prices.
  3. There is a support network being developed as the company grows (so it has a growth model, you will not be alone).
  4. There is a mobile training force to take the training across the country and regional management opportunities will become available (if of interest).
  5. The course is fully accredited and recognized by top therapist insurers and by a leading international professional body.
  6. The course was developed by a really experienced multi disciplinary therapist specifically for therapists.
  7. The treatment is non-invasive and can be used along side conventional treatments where needed.
  8. The therapy can also be used alongside other complimentary therapies and so can be integrated into existing clinical work to support your existing treatment program (or as an alternative).
  9. The course is available on interest free terms so you can spread the payments over 5 months. You can also save 10% off the ticket price by signing up as an affiliate and then earn even more by encouraging others to attend.
  10. The ticket price INCLUDES the training and everything you need to get started, including a fantastic start up kit and your own Vitali-Chi Boost (actual course value = £1,500+)

So, there you have it, ten good reasons why you cannot afford to miss our launch training period – make sure you sign up whilst our prices are still low and keen. As we want you join ‘our team’ and to heal more people.

You see, that’s the truth of it, our workshops are all about healing.

Jill Jesson

How to heal yourself and how to heal others. We cover such a broad and holistic range of topics I don’t really want to bore you with a ‘list’ (there is a course syllabus here which opens in a new window). What I can say is that these 2 days will change your life. You will never look at the world (nor the Universe) in the same way again as we explore the very strange and mysterious world of quantum physics. You see, we sort have to start there, at the very very tiny, to gain an understanding of just how disease is formed (and then healed). Because we are all made up of cells (mind boggling exact number revealed on course) and those cells make up our organs, blood, brain etc. Those cells are made up of atoms and molecules and those are made up of energy.

Yes, we are but vibrational energetic beings and we all share ‘the field’ of potentiality that is the Universe. That natural flow of energy can also get blocked. But I think I am getting a little ahead of myself here. Because you haven’t seen the videos yet, have you? Nor the 150 odd slides we talk to. That’s what day 1 is all about really. After the introductions, ice breakers and mind openers, we start to explore what some of the world’s leading thinkers have to say about Chi, how meditation can heal, how square waves disrupt, how the body can heal itself but hang on, I wasn’t going to give you list was I? Let’s just say that on day 1 we peel back the layers of what causes disease and how we can learn to heal.
I promise, at the end of day 1, you will already be thinking differently. You will also have made many new friends as our workshops are deliberately designed to be intimate and there is normally a lot of heartfelt sharing involved. Tears will probably be shed. However, on a brighter note, you will also get to taste some of my homemade and healthy snacks. So, day 1 is all about love, laughter, learning and yes, scrummy homemade food. We then reform the following day for what we imaginatively call day 2. This day is more hands on, with certainly less videos as we start to really explore Vitali-Chi and how it can be used as a therapeutic healing machine.
We also do more work on diet, disease and how to heal (yourself and your clients).
We have a client questionnaire to run through and we have many ‘break away’ sessions to change the learning experience. We also learn about and try out the many different methods of self testing. Along with try outs of Vitali-Chi, so you can experience the healing benefits for yourself.

No matter what training you have done so far, these two days will only enhance your existing knowledge. We can safely say that there is not another workshop like ours! You will also earn 16 CPD points!

Included in the ticket price is your very own Vitali-Chi Boost and you will be ready, confident and qualified to start treating people with this revolutionary equipment by the end of the weekend!
By the way, lots of other subject matter gets covered, including time and stress management and how to maximise the revenue and healing potential of your practice. At the end of the day, firm friendships will have been made and you will also be the proud owner of your very own Vitali-Chi Energy and Wellbeing Practitioner Certificate. Display it with pride, you will have earned it!

Next available Practitioner Dates are:


West Mersea, Essex – February 24th/25th 2018

Aberdeen – March 10th/11th 2018

Leeds, Yorkshire – March 24th/25th 2018

Felixstowe, Suffolk – April 28th/29th 2018

Birmingham – May 19th/20th 2018

Cardiff – June 23rd/24th 2018

Woodbridge, Suffolk – September 17th/18th 2018

West Mersea, Essex – October 27th/28th 2018

London – November 24th/25th 2018

Spaces are definitely limited so to reserve your place(s) at any workshop please phone 01206 385397 or complete the form on this page. You can also pay today by following this link (payment is not compulsory to reserve your place). There is also a payment plan available and by making a commitment of just £100 you will also gain access to our ‘bring a friend’ incentive scheme, which will reduce the ticket price for both you and your friend.
If you can’t make those dates and have a couple of friends/colleagues who would like to do the workshop with you, then speak to us. We are very flexible! This is also your chance to influence where we teach our next workshops. Simply complete the form and let us know where you’d like one to be held. Then we’ll let you know when and where, once we’ve firmed some extra dates up. Thanks, Allen and Jill.
Spaces are definitely limited so to reserve your place(s) at any workshop please phone 01206 385397 or complete the form on this page.
Full package details are here and you can also spread the early bird payments out over 5 months interest free (as long as 3 payments received prior to workshop), please ask for details.
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