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October 29, 2014
Scientific Proof That Vitali-Chi Works
November 29, 2014

About Jill Jesson

jill-jessonABOUT JILL JESSON – Jill’s interest in peoples’ wellbeing led her to train in a variety of different complementary therapies, encompassing a holistic approach drawn from Eastern and Western teaching and philosophies. She has been established as a therapist since 1988 and now works to transform symptoms of any kind by addressing the root cause and treating them naturally.

Jill’s work experience and training include the psychology of human behaviour, counselling, life coaching, diet, nutrition, homeopathy, healing, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, Louise Hay facilitation, holistic and Thai traditional massage, aromatherapy, laser acupressure, laser auricular therapy and vibrational remedies study. Her journey from body to mind to soul therapy included trainings in a variety of countries and her work continues to lead her to travel and experience the world and its people. Through her international work Jill has helped thousands of people realise their true potential. Her amazing intuitive and perceptive qualities go straight to the root cause of any symptom, be it mind, body or soul and she will guide the person through difficult life changes, self or spiritual development.

Treatment is particularly effective if the person owns their own home-use Vitali-Chi system but there is an alternative option to use Vibrational Frequencies to support changes in cells and patterns of behaviour. Each person has a Wellbeing Plan to follow and appointments may be either in person or by skype or phone. Effective distant work can be accomplished by distant muscle testing, discussion, skills for home use, Vitali-Chi and/or Vibrational Frequencies.

This particular approach is a very effective emotional detox that releases suppressed emotions that block energy pathways of the body, and if left may build into molecular structure which is dis-ease itself.

Because everything relates to relationship, be it relationship to self or others Jill invariably assists the person through relationship difficulties and teaches them relationship skills which ultimately bring about change, happiness and increased wellbeing.

If you’d like to get in touch, please contact us by following the link. I’m sure Jill can help.


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