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November 6, 2014
November 30, 2014

Scientific Proof That Vitali-Chi Works

We have long known that Vitali-Chi works (just look at the testimonials and see for yourself) but we were also aware that we needed to start building a more scientific case than just the ever increasing word of mouth. With that in mind, we purchased a new ‘gadget’ called Muse, which is specifically designed to measure brain wave activity. In my last session using Vitali-Chi I measured a very impressive 57% calm…..this is where we think a lot of the magic happens, because as the brain calms, then the body’s natural healing processes start to take hold and do their thing:

57% Calm achieved during a 20 minute Vitali-Chi Session, compared to just 3% following traditional methods.

We were also keen to measure the activity at a molecular level and we first heard about Dr. Michael Koenig when we heard him speak at The Conference For Consciousness and Human Evolution in London in August 2014. In short, Michael had spent 30 years developing a machine that measures the free electron and photon activity at organ level. His machine effectively measures the ‘Chi’ running through the body and highlights areas that are prone to weakness, illness and disease. We quickly identified that we wanted to measure the before and after effects of Vitali-Chi using his machine. After a month or two of getting our diaries together, we arranged to meet in Munich to arrange testing. We had 3 test subjects and we decided to measure before, and then each of the subjects would have a Vitali-Chi session and then we would measure again after. Subject 1 was a clear leader, with nearly a DOUBLING of available energy after just one hour on Vitali-Chi. photon1 photon2

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