Around 5,000 years ago the Chinese discovered an energy system that runs through and around the body.  At about the same time, in India, similar discoveries were being made. What followed was thousands of years of practical research where detailed ‘maps’ of the human body were gradually built. These ‘maps’ became the guides for acupuncturists and healers the world over.
Fast forward to the early 1920’s and Leon Ernest Eeman found himself “100% disabled” after a plane crash toward the end of the first world war. The medical establishment at the time declared that they could do no more for him so Leon went on to develop a ‘relaxation circuit’, made of copper. Amazingly, with the use of vibrational frequencies, he cured himself of his disability and spent the next twenty years developing the concept further. At around the same time, Edgar Cayce and Royal Raymond Rife were making their own discoveries about holistic and energetic healing, with particular regard to vibrational medicine.
In 2005, Jill lesson started to use a rudimentary copper circuit. Over the following years, Jill used the circuit more and more in her practice. In 2010 she combined the circuit with the use of vibrational frequencies, along with a ‘booster’. The results were extraordinary and word of mouth quickly travelled, so much so, that in 2013, Jill, along with her husband, Allen, decided to launch Vitali-Chi as a way of promoting and sharing this breakthrough in healing.
It is, of course, still very early days but those extraordinary results have started to spread and with the help of the Internet, news is travelling fast. Please try Vitali-Chi for yourself, you will not be disappointed. Please click on an image below to get started on your journey.
We’re Here To Help YOU
Whether you, your clients, pupils or staff need more energy, less stress, therapeutic healing or would just like to improve sleep or life balance, we have the answer for you: It’s called Vitali-Chi and it delivers ‘Energy For Life’. If you are a practitioner, you may also be very interested in the overall healing power of Vitali-Chi as it’s very powerful, effectively unlocking the body’s own ability to heal, all without invasive drugs and needles.
We concur with proven scientific research that there is a lot to be gained with a balanced Chi and Vitali-Chi is great at doing just that; balancing energies in the body and the wider energetic field often called the aura. It also induces deep relaxation and can be used to deliver healing substances vibrationally. We have further supplemented other pioneers ground breaking work with our unique style and ideas to develop Vitali-Chi, which is currently patent pending.
Crystal Clear Room Conditioner
We also have a growing range of healing products, all lovingly made and designed with integral healing vibration, along with their naturally healing ingredients.
Crystal Clear Room Conditioner